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Kay was Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the oldest of four.  Kay grew up in a single-parent home, with her mother Angel, who knew early on that she has a musical gift.  At the tender age of two, Kay’s Aunt Robbin would encourage her to sing Detroit’s Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.  Her Aunt Robbin takes the credit for Kay’s vocal abilities. Kay was always shy; singing was her safe haven.  Although singing was in Kay’s blood and she graduated from Detroit School of Arts; she never imagined performing for anyone besides family.


Kay’s musical influences are  Aaliyah, Beyoncé’, Rihanna and others.  She realized that she could imitate their performances.  This sparked the desire to become just as big as her favorite entertainers one day.  Kay plans to use her passion for music to inspire others.  She gives thanks to DJ Pacc Mann for giving her the opportunity to be recognized in the music industry.


Kay is a member of the musical family at the KFM record label.


A Vocalist, Lyricist, Writer and Entertainer


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